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Intangible assets are included in the value of your business. Sometimes their value can be much higher than any other asset you have. Your IP assets can be transferred, licensed to third parties and also pledged as collateral while seeking financing.

We negotiate and draft such contracts with our clients.

More precisely, we provide legal assistance in negotiating the following: IP transfer, exclusive or non-exclusive licenses, IP pledge agreements, franchising and merchandising agreements.

In the technological field we are also often requested to draft technology transfer agreements - in particular within the framework of EU directive 772/04 - engineering agreements and, in the biotech industry sector, material transfer agreements (MTA).

We also work on trademark co-existence agreements, sponsorship and advertising contracts, non-competition and non-disclosure agreements.

Of course, any time we settle a dispute or avoid legal proceedings, we advise our clients in drafting and executing settlement agreements.

The main services we provide in this field of the law are:

We identify alongside our clients the general aim of the contract they

are intending to sign.

We draft the possible duties and responsibilities of the parties to the

contract, as well as their interests and obligations.

We develop a strategy for conducting negotiations with the other party.

We prepare a first draft of the contract if needed.

We determine in advance a time frame for negotiations.

We conduct negotiations with the other party/parties.

We assist our clients in executing the agreement, we monitor

contract compliance and perform all the necessary follow-up activities.