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Creation of an advertising campaign is one of the most complete exercises of creativity our clients engage us for. All possible Intellectual Property rights are generally involved in an advertising campaign: issues relating to trademarks, designs, copyright, unfair competition, information technology law and advertisement law need to be carefully handled.

We work closely with advertising agencies, designers, copywriters, clients and account managers from the very beginning of a campaign project to ensure that no Intellectual Property right can be infringed, that the campaign abides by unfair competition and press law. Moreover, we work closely with them to ensure full protection for their future campaign projects and their creativity, in the most appropriate forms.

In this field of the law our main services are:


We check with our clients before launch of the campaign to see whether

their advertisement draft ideas comply with all the applicable provisions

of law.

We check for any possible conflict with third party Intellectual Property


We advise on comparative advertising.

We advise on misleading advertising.

We advise on "product placement" issues.

We advise on information technology service provider liability.


We assist our clients in filing, or file directly on their behalf, pre

emption registrations at the IAP, to protect their campaigns before their

use on the market.

We assist our clients in filing, or file directly on their behalf, their

creative projects at the IAP in order to prevent possible imitation.

We assist our clients in filing, or file directly on their behalf, specimens

of their campaigns at the IAP, to protect their campaigns in other

countries against possible imitation in Italy.


We have a great deal of experience in handling all types of major

advertising disputes.

We represent our clients in proceedings before the IAP.

We represent our clients before the Italian Antitrust Authority.


    We assist our clients in drafting and negotiating all typical advertising    

    arrangements such as advertising commission agreements, marketing

    agreements, product placement contracts, sponsorship agreements,

    freelance agreements.