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Studio Leardi is renowned for its Intellectual Property litigation practice. We handle a wide range of legal proceedings in Italy and abroad to pursue infringers or defend our clients against infringement allegations.

We also have a great deal of experience in leading trade secret misappropriation cases, copyright infringement proceedings as well as unfair competition lawsuits in Italy and abroad.

As far as press and advertisement law is concerned, we are well versed both in litigation before the ordinary courts and in managing procedures before the IAP and the Antitrust Authority.

Intellectual property litigation, as well as preliminary injunction proceedings and cease and desist letters are generally handled at very short notice. It is our standard practice to take on a case and manage it as fast as is required.

Our practice is also well known for its ability to avoid litigation whenever possible and/or advisable. We send and reply to warning letters including cease and desist declarations in order to resolve the case quickly and save our clients' time and money.

Additionally, our firm advises on arbitration clauses and conducts arbitration should the need arise.