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JUNE 2014 :

The European Court of Justice and the Italian Supreme Court issued two important decisions concerning the scope of protection granted by the EU trademark legislation to composite trademark registrations.

The ECJ ruled that the conditions of genuine use of a trademark can be met also by using of one of the distinctive elements of that trademark.

On the other hand, the Italian Supreme Court confirmed its previous decisions stating that each distinctive element of a composite trademark enjoys protection under Italian and EU trademark laws.

We believe that these decisions are important not only to assess infringement cases but also, and mostly, in preparing a state-of-the-art trademark filing strategy for our clients, in order to protect their brand identity according to their market needs.

APRIL 2014 :

American Bar Association Spring Meeting - New York City

Mr. Leardi will be attending the ABA Section of International Law 2014 Spring Meeting.

He will be discussing IP cross border issues and also the advantages of applying for European Union design patents.

MARCH 2014 :

Fraud on the Internet

Oracle Community for Security published on march 19 at the Milan Security Summit its new publication “Le frodi nella rete”.

Mr. Leardi is one of the authors and the publication is available at the following link: http://c4s.clusit.it/views/C4S/Homepage.html


Copyright and Internet

The European Court of Justice issued an important decision concerning the interpretation of Article 3(1) of Directive 2001/29 on the harmonisation of certain aspects of copyright and related rights in the information society.

The ruling examined a case in which a company included in its website a hyperlink redirecting users to copyrighted press articles of others. In this case the Court stated that this behavior did not constitute an act of communication to the public as referred to in the Directive.

The decision is important in assessing the freedom to share contents of others on the Internet.


Utility models.

Mr. Leardi's paper on the differences between invention patents and utility models has been published in “Il Diritto Industriale” (IPSOA).

The most significant differences between the two intellectual property rights are examined at national and international level in the light of the Italian case law of the last fifty years and international law provisions.


SMAU FAIR 2013 - Fiera Milano City

Mr. Leardi will be discussing intellectual property infringement and unfair competition issues and best strategies at the opening day of SMAU 2013.

More info can be found at the following link: http://www.smau.it/milano13/schedules/contraffattori-e-concorrenti-sleali-come-si-reagisce/

OCTOBER 2012 :

SMAU FAIR 2012 - Fiera Milano City

Intellectual Property & Innovation Management

Studio Leardi is partner of Officineformative, the new business school of Intesa Sanpaolo. Mr. Leardi will be teaching Intellectual Property law and discussing innovation management issues with managers, startuppers and entrepreneurs.

Further information can be found on Officineformative's website:



SMAU FAIR 2012 - Fiera Milano City

Mr. Leardi will be discussing patents, software and trade secrets issues at the opening day of SMAU 2012.

More info can be found at the following link:


AUGUST 2012 :

Studio Leardi will be attending New York State Bar Association meeting in Lisbon in October. We will discuss the legal aspects of attracting R&D investments in Europe.

More info can be found here: