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A geographical indication is a name used on goods that have a specific geographical origin and possess qualities, reputations or characteristics that are essentially attributable to that place of origin, such as is the case with agricultural products. Geographical indications may be used for a wide variety of products, be they natural, agricultural or manufactured.

An appellation of origin is a special kind of geographical indication. It generally consists of a geographical name or a traditional designation used on products which have specific qualities or characteristics that are essentially due to the geographical environment in which they are produced.

These Intellectual Property rights are governed by several international conventions, such as the Paris Convention, the Lisbon Agreement and the TRIPs Agreement as well as by European regulations and Italian provisions of law. More precisely, protection can be sought in this field through different means: by the registrations of geographical indication and by the registration of collective trademarks and by means of unfair competition and consumer protection laws.

We advise our client in the food & wine sector regarding possible protection that can be sought on geographical indications.

The main services we provide in this field of the law are:


We provide legal advice on geographical indication substantive law.

We advise on collective trademark substantive law.

We advise our clients on EU and Italian regulations relating to wines and


We advise our client on labeling and "made in.." issues.


We file geographical indications, appellations of origin, V.Q.P.R.D.,

D.O.C., D.O.C.G. and in drafting the relevant specification.

We file collective trademarks.


We represent our clients in domestic and cross-border lawsuits

concerning geographical indication infringement or unfair competition



We advise our clients in drafting and negotiating license and transfer 

     agreement concerning this area of the law.