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Patents are tools designed to protect your technical inventions.

Generally speaking, almost every non-obvious solution of a technical problem can be patented.

A patent gives the owner the right to prevent third parties from using the same invention, thus granting a legal monopoly to exploit the invention on the market. Therefore, patenting your inventions gives you a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Patent protection lasts for twenty years from the filing of the application.

Utility models

Utility models are very similar to patents but they grant a shorter time of protection and have less stringent patentability requirements. Utility models are primarily used to protect mechanical innovations. They are generally meant to protect new devices, which confer particular efficacy or ease of application or use to already existing devices.

Patents and Utility Models are intangible assets and their value is included in the value of your business. They can be transferred, licensed to third parties and also pledged as collateral while seeking financing.

The main services we provide in this field of the law are:


-We plan general patent or utility model strategies with our clients.

-We advise our clients on substantive patent law.

-We assess patents and perform patent due diligence.

-We advise our clients on freedom to operate search reports.

-We advise our clients on the exhaustion of patent rights.

-We offer comprehensive advice on employee inventions.

-We advise our clients on possible infringement cases.


-We do not file patent applications directly. We manage them together with our clients through a selected network of patent attorney firms we trust.


-We conduct patent infringement proceedings in Italy.

-We conduct legal proceedings for breach of contract.

-We defend our clients against infringement allegations brought against them by competitors or third parties.

-We conduct or participate, through our network of IP professionals, in cross-border patent infringement lawsuits.


-We advise on contractual matters, in particular regarding transfer, licensing and pledge agreements.

-We also represent our clients in drafting and negotiating non-disclosure agreements, material transfer agreements and engineering agreements.